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Intimate Wash Pakistan

Intimate Wash Pakistan. Personal and intimate hygiene is very important for all ages females all over the world. Personal hygiene is also important after menstrual. Normally women uses plain water and soap to wash intimate areas. But now a days as weather is continuously changing and a lot type of skin allergy is common all over the world. So it’s necessary to use something best for intimate hygiene to avoid different types skin problems. Now a day markets all over the world flooded with thousand of personal hygiene but for intimate hygiene the best one is Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash. It’s best for all ages female.

Feminelle Intimate Wash Features

It is best Intimate Wash to clean the vagina.

It helps to balance the pH level of vagina.

This Intimate Wash helps to avoid bacterial infection.

It’s best for vaginal dryness and itchiness in the intimate area

it promotes the growth of lactobacillus, which is essential for vaginal health.

All women who experience dryness, itching, irritation and bacterial infection can use it. This intimate wash is also good in periods and pregnancy as well. It also cures the foul smell of the vaginal discharge.

How Intimate Wash Work

Lactic Acid in intimate wash helps to maintain ideal pH balance of the intimate areas. As normal soaps and water have a higher pH value of 7-9, they tend to increase alkalinity level which causes dryness and irritation. This Feminelle Intimate Wash balance out the alkaline level and prevent vaginal discomfort.