Acne Removal Cream in Pakistan

Acne Removal Cream in Pakistan also good for Pigmentation Scar, Birthmarks, blackheads, and pimples.
Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream is a treatment cream that
visibly fades away fades acne scarring and other skin imperfections
such as blackheads, pigmentation, dis-coloration & un-even skin
tone to give you an even complexion that looks purer, dewy fresh and smooth.
VISIBLE RESULTS IN JUST TWO WEEKS! Don´t let imperfections hide your
beauty and affect your self-esteem, use the acne treatment to look gorgeous.
The Dermonu secret is to combine the most effective clinical ingredients to
treat scars. Dermonu’s active ingredients include Rosh Bush Oil (Rosa Mosqueta Oil).
Its polyunsaturated fatty acids are clinically tested to regenerate and
reconstruct damaged skin cells. Dermonu is a skin care cream that
penetrates deep, removing the dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin
underneath, fading acne scarring and eliminating spots, birthmarks and

Dermonu Cream Features:

Acne & Pimple scars
Skin discoloration
Black heads / Hot Spots
Pigmentation problems

General Features:

Non aggressive micro-peel
Deep cleaning for your skin
Reconstructs damaged skin
Hypoallergenic o Quick and easy to apply –
works whilst you sleep o Restores the tone and texture of your
skin o TRIPLE ACTION cleans and regenerates skin o Visible
results in just 2 weeks o Works for any age.

How to Use Dermonu Cream

To use Dermonu Acne Removal Cream, wash your face with fresh water. Dry it and after10 minutes apply thin layer of Dermonu Acne Gel on effected area e.g. Acne, Blackheads, Pigmentation, birthmarks etc. Massage lightly with finger tip so that Dermonu Cream absorb in skin. And wait for 1 to hour minimum. After that you can wash your face. While if you apply it at night then you can wash face in the morning.



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