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Finally, the ideal way to lose weight at home. Thanks to Total Sauna Bath, enjoy the benefits of Sauna Bath at home.
Relaxation, well-being and helps in weight loss. It goes very quickly, takes up little space and is easy to use. So you can use it while reading or watching television. Total Sauna Bath will help you to solve your skin problems, relieve your muscles, joints, reduce stress and lose weight.

Sauna Bath Advantages

Sauna Steam Bath reduce weight.
Sauna Steam increase blood circulation
Sauna Steam Bath burn calories
Sauna Steam Bath relax body muscles, can be use daily for body relaxing.

Sauna Bath Benefits

Portable Steam Sauna Bath in Pakistan
Weight Loss – Burns 600+ Calories in 30 minutes
Steam promotes blood circulation, eases fatigue and reduces stress
The sauna bath waterproof fabric holds in the heat
Vents leave the hands free so you can read while you steam
Strengthen Cardiovascular System

Sauna Bath Specifications:

Components: Sauna Bath /Air Pump
Products Dimensions: Diameter of 96  * 106 cm high
Power: 1000W
Highest Temperature: 58 Centigrade
Packing: Carton Box (Gross Weight 8KGS / Packing Size: 49*24*30 cm)
Available colors:Red Blue Stripes

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