Rotimatic in Pakistan

RotiMatic in Pakistan is another creation from Singapore which can make hot and crisp Rotis for
you. You should simply fill its different chambers with crude material (flour, water and oil) and
squeeze Start catch. It can deliver 1 round and puffed roti every moment and have enough limit
for 20 rotis before requiring a refill. You have full control over how thick or delicate roti
you need.
It has rich outline and its size is not enormous than a little size microwave broiler. It holds
upto 20 rotis worth of fixings. It additionally makes batter balls and poori measured flour circles
for a considerable length of time you have a craving for making parathas or singing some pooris.
In the nations where individuals used to eat home heated rotis, it took a great deal of time regular
to prepare rotis at home however now there’s nothing more needed than a touch. One size and thickness
of a roti does not fit whatever, you can pick yours.
It works with all sort of wheat flour so your family appreciates all medical advantages of a quality
flour of your decision. It will function admirably with normal fiber enhanced wheat flour as it has
Low Glycemic-Index which implies directed glucose levels and lower day by day calorie consumption.
It will likewise give you a chance to include flavors.
This is produced by an organization of Singapore. This machine is still in testing stage and will soon
be accessible in Singapore and after that it will be propelled in different nations of the world.

Rotimatic Price in Pakistan

Rotimatic Price in Pakistan is not available in Pakistani Market right now, so price is not confirmed
as it will be available, Rotimatic price in Pakistan will be updated on COD SHOPPING.