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Relax Tone Massager Pakistan

Relax Tone Massager Pakistan is a light weight and effective hand held massager capable of targeting
your abs, buns, thighs, calves and under arms. It’s unique oscillating feature
penetrates deeply into the inner layers of your skin to help break down unwanted
fat and burn calories. Simply place it over any area of your body you wish to
slim down, and it will help shake away excess fat. This powerful Full Body Massager
comes complete with the following Four Massage Heads:

Flat head: used for neck pressure release.
Wave head: Point deep massage.
Ball bearing head: For Accelerate blood circulation.
Scrubber Head: To get rid of dead and callous skin

Mutliple Thing at the Same Time

Relax & Soothe your muscles while removing all aches & pains.
The massager helps to cleanse your skin while massaging.
Increases the circulation of lymphocyte and enhances the blood circulation
Can be used for a revitalising head massage.
Disassociating and breaking down accumulated unwanted fat.


With Power Speed Regulator
Comes with Four Massage Heads.
All massage heads can be washed in water
Safety cover: Hair Protection Cover, prevents hair from getting tangles
Engineered and designed to conform to body curves
Unique rapid rotation and powerful massage takes away aches and pains.
Light, handy, convenient.
Relieves pressure, restores vigor and vitality.
Portable and lightweight
Incremental Speed Dial adjustment
High Rotational Speed up to 2500 RPM
Comfortable soft rubber hand grip
Tones muscles and releases tensions

To Buy Relax Tone Massager Call/Whatsapp 24/7 @ 0321-1110955



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