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Push UP Pump Pakistan

Push Up Pump Pakistan works the Chest Muscles, the Shoulders, the Back Muscles, the
biceps and the triceps.
It also helps tone your abs, so you are working your way to a sexy six pack without
even thinking about it. It even tones your legs and buns through the principle of
static tension so you are working your entire body with one easy movement.
Its fast and easy. The push up pump pakistan was awarded the Gold Medal in 2001 at the
Paris Invention Fair in recognition of the revolutionary patended lever principle that
supports your body weight allowing you to perform at least 3 times as many repetitions
as you would through normal push-up.
The expanded range of motion enables you to fully work the muscles of your upper
body whilst protecting and strengthening you back.
The three handles allow you to work out different muscle groups with different levels
of intensity. Just increase your reps on the external handle and you get a great
cardio workout. The soft padded support cushion is designed for comfort
for both men and women of all sizes.

Push UP Pump exercise machine works your back and shoulder. It works your triceps and chest. It works your biceps, chest and shoulders. The Push Up Pump is made from a sturdy steel design and is lightweight and portable. No more struggling or straining your back while attempting to do pushups the old fashion way.




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