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Nutrifactor B-50 B-Complex Pakistan

Nutrifactor B-50 B-Complex Pakistan. The Nutrifactor’s B-50 B-COMPLEX is necessary for all facets of regulating and balancing the body’s metabolic machinery. B-50 B-COMPLEX is an ideal choice for individuals with an inadequate daily supply of the B vitamins, which can contribute to stress-related ill-health, may be experienced as a general malaise. Natural Nutrifactor’s B-50 B-COMPLEX is very essential for healthy nerves, skin, eyes, liver, and mouth, and to maintain good muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract.

Nutrifactor’s B-50 B-COMPLEX contains precursors of coenzymes involved in the conversion of cellular energy, manufacture of hormones and proteins, and repair and maintenance of nerve structure. Vegans and strict vegetarians’ individuals could be at risk of developing B-Complex deficiency other than these Hectic lifestyles, eating on the run, aging, and many other factors can make short of these important vitamins.

B Complex Features

  • Helps to regulate endocrine and nervous systems, by supplying energy and producing red blood cells.
  • During pregnancy, it helps and support the growth & development of fetus.
  • Helps to reduce symptoms of Anxiety or Depression by increasing energy levels.
  • Naturally energizing & stress relieving by converting carbs, proteins and fats to energy.
  • Ensures the normal function of the nervous & immune system, healthy skin, hair & eyes

How To Use B Complex

For adults both men and women, Take 1-2 tablets daily as a dietary supplement with water preferable after the meal.

So stop worrying and start using this side effect free medicine for better health.



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