Mosquito Killer



Mosquito Killer Pakistan

Mosquito Killer Pakistan is best home use product to control Mosquito within few
hours. It kill mosquito without any noise. Just place it in any corner of your
room, and let it go to do its job. It create no noise and you will not disturb
during sleep.

Mosquito Killer Features

Excellent Value For Money
High Quality Product
Suction Style Environmental Mosquito Killer
Applicable Area:<20 square meters
Time Used:12 Hours
Use:Mosquito Repellent Sticker
Pest Control Type:Traps
Category:Mosquito Repeller
Mosquito type:Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer
Pest Type:Mosquitoes
Use LED light, 360degree of all-around light
No dead corner for kill mosquito, this best effect
Integrated store mosquito box at the bottom of the design
Will not as rusting and oxidising
Better breathe
Easy to clean
Specially designed to prevent mosquito escape the funnel
Only let the mosquito come in, can’t go out
Catch the whole lot in an action.
High effciency save mute fan motor
Won’t produce odor and noise when catch mosquito
Go to sleep very comfortable.
This product use in within the scope of 20 square meter, and placed by about
one meter high position, the effect is much better!


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