Manicure Pedicure set



Manicure Pedicure Set Pakistan

This Manicure Pedicure Set Pakistan is best product for pedicure and
manicure at home. This Manicure Pedicure Set works fast and improve
hand and foot beauty instantly.

Use of Accessories

Polishing Disc

Polishing Disc for smooth round nail edges after filing nd to polishing
nail surface.

Coarse Smoothing Disc

Coarse Smoothing Disc to treat hard skin on heels, on soles and anywhere
hard skin present. Choose the one that suits your skin.

Grain Cone

Grain Cone to eliminate rough skin and corns.

Thick Pointed Stone

Thick Pointed Stone to file and treat the surface of thick toenails.

Thin Pointed Stone

Thin Pointed Stone to remove dead skin and treat in-grown nails. Use
it with movements from outside toward inside.

Buy Manicure Pedicure Online

To Buy This Manicure Pedicure Device online, just place order online
or call/whatsapp at 0321-1110955. Cash on Delivery service available
all over Pakistan.



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