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Magic Mesh in Pakistan

Magic Mesh in Pakistan. Magic Mesh Curtain is best solution at the
time, when it’s hot in the house and you like to open all windows
and doors for light and fresh air, but you feel trouble with the
bugs and fly enter into your house with air.

What is Magic Mesh Curtain

But Now don’t worry, As Seen ON TV introduce the best solution
with Magic Mesh Curtain the new type of screen door. Magic Mesh Curtain
opens easily and then close itself magically without any effort
behind you. If your both hands are busy and you forgot to close
the door or any other family member forgot, you can still get fresh
air and get annoying bugs out. It’s because of Magic Mesh Curtain
which attached instantly due to magnets. Magic Mesh Curtain is best
for pets too. Pets can enter in the house easily instead of scratching
the door.

Magic Mesh Curtain Features

Magic Mesh Curtain Closes gently every time
Magic Mesh Curtain is easy to install
No Need of Nails, Screws or tools
Goes up in seconds and stays up all season long.
So let the fresh air in and those annoying bugs out with Magic Mesh Curtain

Magic Mesh in Pakistan?

Yes Magic Mesh in Pakistan.

Buy Magic Mesh in Pakistan

If you want to buy magic mesh in Pakistan. Just fill the order form and
place your order. Or Call/whatsapp at 0321-1110955
We will deliver this product at your door step anywhere in Pakistan.

Magic Mesh Price in Pakistan

Magic Mesh Curtain Price in Pakistan is Rs 1500. We offer Cash on Delivery
service all over Pakistan.



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