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Kamni Capsules Pakistan. By frigidity or low libido in women we mean that there is a drastic loss of interest or desire for lovemaking activities in otherwise favorable conditions. There are occasional cases in which due to various tensions or responsibilities a woman does not give priority to sex among other duties. This situation is comfortable for some time but persistent low libido is a serious issue. Due to severe loss of lovemaking drive, the libido levels of a female and her male counterpart remains unmatched resulting in tensions between the couple and dull marital life. The partner may feel ignored or suspicious and unsatisfied which can cast negative impact on the psychological health of that female. She may feel frustrated, stressed out and ashamed because of her helpless condition.

Women lose desire for lovemaking and become frigid in bed due to various reasons and these causes vary from physical, social to psychological ones. Libido among women is defined by a combination of complicated factors such as aging, hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, post-pregnancy, breastfeeding, sexual problems, diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc., alcohol and smoking, medications, surgery, trauma, bad experiences, lack of energy, strained relationships, communication gap between partners, young child, deficiencies, lack of privacy, mental disorders, priority changes, work stress, etc.

What Kamni Capsules Do

Kamni capsules are one such wonderful ayurvedic libido enhancer pills for females. As we have discussed earlier, an amalgamation of so many mental as well as physical factors lead to frigidity in women. All of these issues make lovemaking a sensation-less and un-pleasurable activity for women and sometimes troublesome too by making it painful. Herbal libido enhancer pills for women in form of Kamni capsules heighten pleasure during lovemaking by reversing ill-effects of these physical and psychological problems and make a female keener and enthusiastic lover in bed. On regular consumption of Kamni natural libido enhancer pills not only improves her confidence and contentment but also works very well for relationship and pleases her male partner too.

How To Use Kamni Capsules

Take 1 capsule twice a day with milk or water. Use it for 2 months regularly and you will see noticeable results. It will help you to increase your libido naturally. This product is made with natural ingredients and safe to use for women of all age groups.



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