Gym Ball



Gym Ball Pakistan

Gym Ball Pakistan is your best daily exercise partner. You can use Gym Ball for
different kind exercises. Gym Ball can be used for stomach exercise, weight loss
exercise, breast reduction exercise, slimming exercise. Ordinary Gym Balls are not
good for your health as these are so smooth and can cause slip during exercise. Which
also could cause physical damage.

Gym Ball is made with anti burst material. You can use Gym Ball twice a day for
your daily fitness level.

Gym Ball Features

Core strength is hot topic for a decade but it’s always misunderstood by many people
and you often see Gym Ball used for circus styles and tricks rather than exercise.
So lets clear what;s core strength? Core Strength is a collection of muscles and
tissues which is activated by your brain to stabilize your lower back. These days
most people are worried for lower back pain. So We suggest you to use Gym Ball as
exercise equipment rather than a tricky ball. Gym Ball will improve your core strength
and you can enjoy pain free life. You will never face lower back pain, muscle pain
or joint pain, if you will add exercise in your daily schedule. And Gym Ball is best
equipment for you to avoid muscle or joint problems.
You can also use Gym Ball as sitting couch. It will provide relax to your body. If
you sit on a chair daily for 8 to 10 hours, then you might know it causes lower back
pain sometime. Because sitting on chair is to put your upper body weight on your lower
back. But sitting on Gym Ball daily 10 to 15 minutes will reduce lower back problem.

Gym Ball Sizes

Gym Ball available in 3 different sizes.


65cm Gym Ball is good for those user who are 5 feet in height.
75cm Gym Ball is good for those user who are 5 to 6 feet in height

Gym Ball Price in Pakistan

Gym Ball Price in Pakistan is different. Price depend on Gym Ball sizes.