Foot Massage Slippers


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Foot Massage Slippers Pakistan

Foot Massage Slippers Pakistan Bring your feet and body to life foot massager! This pair of therapeutic
slippers has spring massaging tips which stimulate different acupuncture points to provide a relaxing feel
as you heal your whole body. The slippers promotes several health benefits such as blood circulation, eliminates
fatigue, balances your endocrine system, enhances your metabolism to prevent aging, strengthens your immune
system to fight disease, and improves sleep by easing the tension in your nerves among others.

Massage Slippers Features:

Improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue
Removes toxins Improves balance of the endocrine system
Strengthens metabolism
Helps to stay young
Improves sleep and alleviates nervous tension
High-quality rubber and plastic materials
Guarantees maximum durability and full functionality

Foot Massage Slippers Price

Foot Massage Slippers Price in Pakistan is Rs 1500. Cash on Delivery Service Available Anywhere in Pakistan