Cotton Candy Machine

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Cotton Candy Maker Machine in Pakistan. Enjoy Home Made Cotton Candies with Easy to use Cotton Candy Machine in Pakistan.


Cotton Candy Machine Pakistan

Cotton Candy Machine Pakistan is your best partner, when your kids want enjoyment
at home. Your kids will like these cotton fluffy candies. This Cotton Candy Machine
makes delecious candies. Your kids will enjoy candies and also the process of candy
making process. This Candy Maker Machine allows you to make fairground style candy
floss at home in minutes. It spins sugar into bunch of fluffy cotton. And You can
wrap these bunches of fluffy cotton candies on bamboo sticks.

How Cotton Candy Maker Machine Works ?

Adjust Cotton Candy Maker on proper place. Insert plug in socket. Then put 1 table spoon
sugar in central rotating part of Cotton Candy Maker Machine. As it will heat up, it will
spin fluffy cotton threads to Candy Maker Machine rounded Wall. These liquid cotton threads
will dry instantly as these threads hit the air. This will create bigger amount of tasty
and delicious cotton fluffy candies.

Cotton Candy Making Machine Price Pakistan

Cotton Candy Making Machine Price in Pakistan is 4500. As you will place order, our
representative will call you to confirm the order. And after your confirmation your order
will be dispatched. It will be delivered at your door step within best possible time.

Cotton Candy Machine Features

Cotton Candy Making Machine is Light weight.

Best for Birthday parties and kids parties.

Kids enjoys Cotton Candies.

Fun for whole family.

Easy to use and clean

Smooth Bamboo sticks included to wrap cotton candies

Avoid to touch its central rotating part when its working.