5in1 Beauty Massager



5in1 Beauty Massager Pakistan

5in1 Beauty Massager Pakistan provide soft skin. Washing the face regularly
does not necessarily mean all the dirt is washed away
from your skin. Proper exfoliation is needed to ensure that the face is free
from all the dirt and grime. After a long day at work or school, it is best to
give attention to the skin which is easily exposed to dirt and smoke. The face
may be irritated if not cleansed well. 5 IN 1 Beauty Face Care Massager ensures
that proper exfoliation, cleansing and massaging is done.
The beauty tool is equipped with five different heads to address every area of the
face. The massage sand sheet removes the tough skin and cutin off. Next, the two
sponge heads massage and clean the skin under the eye area and around the face.
The massage wheel helps prevent skin ageing, and the nylon brush clears the dirt
found on the skin’s surface. All of these and the beauty tool are available at
an affordable price.

Clean, Smooth and Youthful Glow

5 IN 1 Beauty Face Care Massager cleans the face for preparation of applying creams,
exfoliates dead skin cells and massages the skin. The result is a clean, well-exfoliated
skin with nourishment and hydration. Dirt and daily pollution would not be a problem
anymore with this handy beauty tool. 5 IN 1 Beauty Face Care Massager is a beauty
must-have for a polished and youthful looking skin.

Care instructions:

Operated by 2AA batteries (not included) have 5 accessories
Clean all the accessories with water (don’t use alcohol, gas or detergent)
Keep the inner part of the cleaning brush clean.
Please air-dry the unit after long-time use.



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